Massimo Abis


Senior Partner

Civil engineer and construction

Founder and director of the practice, with 40 years of experience and hundreds of bespoken projects at his shoulders, Massimo is well renowned and appreciated for his extended technical knowledge and professionalism. BEng (1st class honours with distinction) in Building Engineering at the University of Cagliari, 1970. He completed his military service duties as an Officier of the Italian Aerial Forces, supervising and commissioning military airports works. After achieving his PhD in the early ‘70s, he became a lecturer at the Structural Department of the University of Cagliari, where he has been teaching and publishing his research studies about the Theory of Structures until 2010. Soon after graduating Massimo started also his professional career in association with the veronese architects Luigi Malgarise and Giuseppe Ferrari at Archstudio. Working succesfully for two decades with the two architects, he continued his professional activity on his own since 1995 and, since 2003, in association with his sons Marco and Michele. Throughout his remarkable career, Massimo consolidated a multidisciplinary experience in all fields of the construction industry, with particular emphasis in structural design. Today, he still works with the same unchanged enthusiasm, and with the same attention to every single project, whatever the size and the client. His role in the practice is Design Principal and Construction Manager.