MEM - Mediatheque of Mediterranean Area

Grocery market reconversion

Building Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Health and Safety

The Project

Scope of this project was the reconversion of a former grocery market into a major cultural centre named ‘’MEM – Mediateca del Mediterraneo’’, and is part of a general reconversion of the entire district.
The original complex was a 105x30m wide rectangular body, 10m high, with two levels.
The structural survey performed on the original building demonstrated a poor quality of concrete and foundations, thus suggesting the demolition of the internal bodies, and the preservation of the original facades.
The project is based on a wide spindle-shaped courtyard inside the original volume, surrounded by a moltitude of new spaces, while the few openings on the external facades are sheltered by Corten louvers.
The new complex is organized in three levels hosting cultural activities, retail and education spaces, and has created a new attraction pole for a district under vibrant renovation.
Two new squares have been created outside the complex, with a wide stairway connecting the adjacent church, redeveloping a total 10.000 sqm area.


  • Type of Work
  • Importo Lavori
    10.264.476,84 €
  • Architecture
    OP Architetti Associati
    Studio Abis Associati
    Studio Sanna
  • Client
    Comune di Cagliari

Project Team

Mediatheque of Mediterranean Area

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