New Provincial Library

Reconversion and refurbishment of Villa Clara

Building Design, Structural Engineering, Refurbishment and requalification

The Project

This project is about the restoration and refurbishment of the Villa Clara Complex, inside the Natural Park of Monte Claro, to host the new Provincial Library.
The ambition was to mantain the existing bodies through a meticulous restoration work, together with the construction of two new bodies, which are at the same time melting with the existing ones and introducing contemporary features to the complex.
Abis Associati was involved in the architectural and structural design of the glass and steel new bodies, and of all roofing elements.


  • Type of Work
  • Budget
    3.007.000,00 €
  • Architecture
    Studio Abis Associati
    Arch. Teresa De Montis
    Arch. Sophie Deplano
  • Client
    Assessorato ai Lavori Pubblici – Patrimonio
    Assessorato ai Beni Culturali

Project Team

Urban riqualification inside a natural park

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