New headquarters "LE PLUS BON"


Building Design, Health and Safety, Project and Construction Management

The Project

This buillding was developed after the demolition of an existing building, in a strategic area of downtown Cagliari.
The result is a new concept of Bakery, which is not only a bread production laboratory, but also a coffee-bar, a restaurant and an area for events.
The interiors’ colour changes tone with the day-time: green for breakfast, blue for lunch and red for dinner.
The upper floor hosts a reastaurant, while all other floors include some small apartments.
Local stone characterizes the external facade, as well as the attention to details, in accordance with the client’s requirement to introduce a new landmark of its kind in Cagliari.


  • Type of Work
  • Budget
    1.850.000,00 €
  • Architecture
    Studio Abis Associati
  • Client
    Le Plus Bon 2 srl

Project Team

2600 mc, demolition and reconstruction

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